There's been a lot going on lately, and I haven't had time to blog. So, as you'll note, there's a new look on Way Leads on to Way, I have a new avatar, and I've updated the links and blogs on the sidebar. Be sure to check out the links; it's great stuff.

So what's going on in this post? General updates, followed by a set of more specific updates, talking about some really cool things happening in my life.

I started a book club with my young adult group. You can check it out here, and just click on the Book Club link along the side.

Wedding plans are almost totally done, which is a relief. We've got dresses, tuxes, caterers, honeymoon reservations, a photographer, invitations have been delivered, and all the other stuff we need. All we're doing now is plans for decorating the church. Oh, and we have to finalize the guest list, cutting down the 500 person working list to no more than 300.