Nine days until the wedding ....

And the wedding stuff is going well. I finished designing the program this morning, so I'll be sending it off to the printer here soon. I have a couple other projects to finish - a video slideshow to music (yeah, I'll put it on YouTube), artificially lengthening the songs in the wedding so the wedding party can file in, and building little platforms for some columns, because the guys in my wedding are too tall. But, all-in-all, it is coming together beautifully, and I'm excited about it.

I've totally moved into my apartment now. It was a little weird at first; I couldn't believe how quiet it was. I was kinda freaked out by the silence, but now I enjoy it. I've had a few friends over, and I've cooked three meals. First, was chicken with red potatoes and salad, second was homemade chicken parmesan with Italian green beans and tortellini. The only thing in that recipe that wasn't from scratch was the tortellini. I made my own bread crumbs, sauce, and green beans, and it was delicious. I actually surprised myself with how good it was. Then, I made a pot roast with potatoes and carrots. While it was delicious, I did manage to cause the crock of the crock pot to explode. Note: Ceramic + Stove = Exploding Ceramic.

The job situation seems to be coming together. I have a second interview Friday with National City Bank as a part time teller, which would be perfect for my schedule with school. I really have been praying for a job opportunity that would allow me to have my evenings and weekends free, because I want to spend them with Heidi. If this position works out, with the help of the Lord (please, God, PLEASE!!!!), I won't have any evenings, and only Saturdays until noon. I can handle that.

Anyway, I have thank-you cards to write and rebates to send in, so while I have another blog ruminating, it will have to wait for another day.