Christianity is a Terrible Religion

I recently tweeted that "Christianity is a terrible religion" and included the link below. Allow me to clarify. Christianity as a religion alone is terrible because it offers nothing more than any other religion in the world. But Christianity as a lifestyle - as the only answer to the ultimate sin problem - that is exactly what it should be.

That Christianity will save lives and revolutionize the world.

We are saved and are being saved by Christ's accomplished work on the cross. Our salvation isn't by anything we do - even our very best righteousness is as a filthy rag, unclean and never to be used again. If we try and attain righteousness through our good works or by adhering to some moral or religious code, then we will fall terribly short and find ourselves in a desperate situation, in dire need of a saviour. But if we can embrace the finished work of the cross, then we will be empowered to live a holy life; we won't need our righteousness, but we will have Christ's righteousness imputed to us; we won't have to defend our actions, but we will be justified freely by his blood.

Christianity as a religion is worthless; Christianity as a doctrine is joyous.