Why I Love Wikipedia

I can look into one thing on Wikipedia and then oh shiny another topic with a link that I can click and a whole world of information that links to another idea a question I have and something else popped into my head and I can enter the search and oh shiny more information look a link about chewbacca and his weapon and then a search on military weapons inspired by Star Wars HEY Star Wars was a failed a missile defense shield by Ronald Reagen and here's a link to Ronald Reagen and the GOP and the history of the GOP and the new Republicans and the 1980s and a link to the 1980s and the music and musicians from the 80s and Elton John was big in the 80s and here are the top hits of Elton John and a list of movies that had Elton John music and oh look Bennie and the Jets was used in a movie with Kate Whats-Her-Name and she was in a movie with Dane Cook and Dane Cook is a comedian and a list of comedians in America and the history of comedy and ... and ... and ....

It's good for people with ADD.

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