Story of My Life

I don't really have anything profound or thoughtful to say, but I enjoy blogging.

Life is busy. I somehow, foolishly, thought that when I finished school and got married and only had a job to worry about, I'd have more free time. Anyone who has done those things knows how crazy that is. And so it is for me. Granted, things at work are especially busy lately - my average work week is 6 days, 55 hours or so - but I don't feel like I have any time to do the things I really want to do. My time is totally consumed by working so that I can afford to do the things I want to do that I don't have time to do the things I want to do.

It's sad - I studied something at school that I love to go work in a job that I don't particularly enjoy. I'd rather be back in school!

I don't like to focus on that. I have a great wife, wonderful friends and family, and so much to do at church. But I feel like my job takes up so much of my time. And if I must have a job that requires so much of my time, is it too much to ask that it be a job that is interesting and intellectually stimulating? There's nothing new about the job - it's the same thing, day in and day out. I'm thankful to have it, but I wish I were doing something where it seemed as though I were contributing to the human experience in some way, as opposed to the same scripted, "What cashbox? What date? How much was the teller out?"

Of course, the only reason I work so much is because I made bad financial decisions earlier. If it weren't for the debt, I wouldn't need all the overtime. And if it weren't for the overtime, I'd have more time to spend at home with my wife, reading, working on writing, and doing the things I love.

But moving on, things at church are great. I really feel like I'm being given a lot of opportunities to learn from the leadership at Calvary, both through access to the ministers and by beginning to play a leadership role in some capacities. It's a neat opportunity, and I like being able to go to my mentors and ask questions, and then hear not just what they decide, but for them to explain to me why. For me, that is the most valuable part of it all. I'm learning how to apply good, biblical principles to basic, everyday life issues. This might be some of the best ministry training available.

As the holidays approach, there's a lot more going on. I no longer play in the orchestra at church, as I've gotten involed in other areas. But, as a favor to my dad, my brother and I are sort of "rejoining" to play in the Christmas concert. Also, as is tradition, Dad and I practice and prepare and we go Christmas caroling to some friends' homes and at church the Sunday before Christmas. This year, we have a couple more people to be involved, so hopefully we can work up a couple of cool songs - I'm hoping to do a version of "Carol of the Bells." Also, some family from Michigan is coming down for Thanksgiving, so the annual Titus family football game will be even grander than usual.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. It will be a great time with family and friends.

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