Digital Literature

I'm a book guy. The best gift that ANYONE, ANYTIME, can get me, is books. Or, better yet, a gift card to, so I can buy my own books. I love to read, I love to have books, I love to smell books. I dream of reaching a point in my life that I can have a room, a big room, with bookshelves on all the walls, from floor to ceiling, a desk, comfortable chairs, and plenty of good lighting, that I can dedicate to reading, studying, and writing. That's my dream. I love books.

At one point, I didn't like the idea of digital literature, whether it be in the form of books online to read at a computer or the new digital readers from Sony, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. But, I've reconsidered, and I think I want a Kindle.

I say all that to introduce the topic of digital literature. There was a segment today on the Diane Rehm Show about the digitizing of books and the growing popularity of the eReaders. They offer great ease, especially for someone who has several books they want access to at a time - the Amazon Kindle, for instance, can hold about 15,000 books on it. I'm thinking college textbooks. How great would it be to not have to lug books to all your classes, but download a digital version instead?

Also, I wonder, will there be a development similar to the iTunes movie rental program, where you can "rent" the book for a month or so and then have it removed at the end of that period of time. I think these could be great steps in advancing eReading platforms.

And, Mom, I want an Amazon Kindle for Christmas.