The Work of the Ministry

Lately, I've been way more involved with the "work" of the ministry at/during church, especially during the altar call at the end of the service. More and more lately, I'm seeing people come to the altar, genuinely seeking hope, help, and answers that only God can provide. I've found that, if I'm to be an effective minister, I have to take time before church to work out anything that might interfere with the work that I need to do. For whatever reason, God works on people through people. As one of His ministers, I can't let my own foibles interfere with the work that I'm expected to do. I'm finding even more comfort in the daily maintaining of my relationship with Him to make sure I'm always able and available to serve when the opportunity comes.

It's critical for the minister to make sure that he has spent time in the altar with Jesus before meeting anyone else there.