What's New

Life is busy; I'm working, going school, and staying busy at church. My friend and I recently launched Authentic Faith, a blog and forum that we hope to use as a way to help lead people back to real, authentic, Biblical Christianity. We've made a presence on Facebook and MySpace, and we are getting strong participation so far. That's busy, as I am not just a writer, but also the copy editor for the group, so everyone who writes has to go through me for posting. Additionally, school is starting to ramp up and things are getting busier and busier as the semester goes on. Nevermind that the new financial meltdown that we're facing is making me very nervous about my job as an expendable part-time grunt at a local bank.

Church is great; we have a Young Adult service tonight, and I'm leading worship. The piano player was over last night, and we practiced for tonight. It's unfortunate, really, that in a church the size of Calvary, someone who sings as poorly as me is the best they could do for worship leader. I love to sing, but I don't like to be the song leader; I'm not a great singer, and it isn't my strength.

Married life is amazing; I love waking up every morning next to the most beautiful woman in the world. Heidi and I are so happy, and life is just so much fun. We're having a dinner party this weekend with some other couples, something we've not done much of since we've been married. I'm making my homemade Italian Chicken, green beans, and tomatoe sauce with rigatoni. It will be wonderful.

end of the year donations

h, finals.

that's all i have to say about finals.

it's the end of the year, and i'm always a bit sentimental this time of year. okay, i'm not, but i am right now, so deal with it.

classes are ending. i take my last final on friday, which i'm excited about (not the final, but being done). my internship (which was not NEARLY as much fun as i had anticipated) is finished next week. i don't have another job lined up, but i'm okay. at least, i think i'll be okay. i'm not worried.

classes next semester are going to be incredible. hard, interesting, challenging. i'm taking chemistry, physics, philosophy (i heart philosophy), spanish, weight lifting (ok, its an easy A), and history. but its not real history. i'm going to europe and doing an independent study on the Santa Maria della Populo, considering the iconographic and historic influences during the 14th - 16th centuries. got it?

i'm going to illinois this weekend to see some friends. i'm really excited about this christmas break. i don't have a job for next year, but i am trusting God to make a way. he's cool like that.