Little Man got a Big Boy Bed

Last night Lincoln looked at us and said "Night night" and went to the back of the house towards the bedrooms. Heidi went to find him, and he had crawled into our bed and pulled back the sheets to go to sleep. We decided it was time for him to have a big boy bed.

Today, he picked out his new comforter, and we set everything up in his room. Here's Lincoln in his new big boy bed.


As I Look At Those Eyes...

lincoln, daniel, brad, titus, blog, heidi, titus, boruff, baby, newborn, kids, children, parenting, fatherhood, premie, premature, premee, wishard, memorial, hospital, nicu, intensive care, ICU ...I see trust, because he's never been betrayed.

...I see hope, because he doesn't know how to quit.

...I see faith, because he doesn't know how to doubt.

...I see peace, because he doesn't know strife.

...I see perfection, because he doesn't know sin.