Further Issues with Don Miller and Blue Like Jazz

"I love Blue Like Jazz because it's, like, a Christian book, but it doesn't make you feel bad about yourself."

A 40-something woman approaches Miller with two plastic grocery bags filled with copies of his books. "I've already bought Blue Like Jazz 13 times," she gushes. "But I gotta have all these to give to people. I'm a Jesus girl, but I also like to go out and do tequila shots with my friends. This is a book I can give to those friends."

Really? A book about Christ that doesn't convict you, make you feel inadequate in light of His holiness, or make you realize how desperately you need Him and how far you are from Him without the cross and His grace? A book that you can give to people you get drunk with? It's a good thing you don't give them the Bible; they might read something like "Be not drunk with wine." (Ephesians 5:18) Or something like, "Come out from the world and be separate." (2 Corinthians 6:17) Yeah, that'd be bad. Then you wouldn't have a drinking buddy.

Sorry, Donny. You're not preaching Christianity. If the story you tell doesn't make people want to change and repent and prick their hearts, leaving them asking "What shall we do?", then you aren't preaching Bible.