things i don't understand

i consider myself a pretty sharp guy. others may not agree, but this is about me, not you. if you don't agree, go read someone else's blog. or write your own.

but anyway, as i was saying, i'm no idiot. but there are things that i encounter in life that i just don't understand. this is a rant.

1 - what is it with you idiots who drive an overpriced luxury SUV? i mean, really. is it a lexus or a mercedes or a cadillac, a luxurious, expensive, high-end vehicle that transports you in grossly excessive comfort from your home to your office and back, making an occassional stop through the urban jungle of indianapolis to starbucks or your child's soccer game, or is it a tough, rugged, all wheel drive, drop into 4-low off-road vehicle that you climb into when you're ready to strap on a pair and negotiate with mother nature, face to face? and don't say both, you arragont jerk. what? does it come with a prada gun rack for the rear window? get over yourself and buy two vehicles.

2 - will someone PLEASE explain to me the concept on on-again/off-again relationships? if they were a jerk when you broke up with them the first time, they're still a jerk now. if they were insecure two weeks ago, they're still insecure. if they cheated on you once, they'll do it again. and don't give me any excuse about "i still love him" or "it's complicated - you just don't understand". all that means is that you're emotionally weak and easily manipulated. for chrissakes, get over it and move on.

3 - why do people feel like they can negotiate prices at retail locations? i mean, the price is marked. markets fluctuate. prices change. and yes, you will need to sign a new contract to get that price on the phone, and no, we don't have a free phone. sorry. neither does verizon, so don't try that crap with me. and control your freaking kid. he's running around and knocking old people over. that one has an oxygen tank, so he's flammable. please be careful. "oh, i don't know why he won't stop crying." i do. he's being held by a failure. grow up and be a parent, you big idiot. quit trying to reason with a two-year old. smack his leg and if he talks back, flick his mouth. he'll stop. you're the parent.