hey baby, i love you

like i said in a previous post, we're getting serious. we've set a tentative date for a wedding, and as we start making those sorts of plans, the more excited i get.

its not that sort of excitement that everyone jokes about, an apostolic guy eager to get his rocks off; rather, it's love. ya know, i've never really been in love like this before. i know this is the real thing because, day after day, i just miss being with her. i like to spend time with her, no matter what we're doing. the other day, she was up in indy with me, and we went caroling with my family, and afters, we were watching a christmas special that i'd recorded, and we fell asleep on the floor, all curled up next to each other. it was nice, just being with her.

all throughout the day, i think about her. i'm always quick to smile, because of her. she's on my mind. to see her, to be with her, it's like going home. on more than one occassion, i've referred to her absent-mindedly as my "wife," and last night, as i was headed to her house, i told her, "i have to stop at the mall real quick, and then i'll be home."

to be with her is comfortable; it's relaxing, secure, safe, satisfying, and calming. there's nothing else to worry about when i'm with her. never in my life have i been so satisfied, and when i look at her smile, or see the love and compassion in her eyes, or even when i think about her, i just have to say, or send a text message, or call, "hey baby, i love you."