Things Are Great

I haven't blogged here in a while, and there hasn't been a ton going on. I launched another blog for political musings, rants, observations, and commentary, which draws a lot of my posting away from here.

Additionally, my laptop sort of just stopped working, so I'm in the process of getting that fixed, which means I have less access to the internet to do said blogging. But I should soon have a whole new face for my blogs and everything else, so just be patient.

But things in my life are great. Heidi is wonderful - I love married life. School is crazy, but good, and going well, and the semester is almost finish, then 3 more classes to graduation. Church is awesome, and amazing things are happening, and I'm growing and developing so much in my walk with Jesus. I still do the Bible study at my apartment (I promise; updated notes are coming), I'm helping with Senior Bible Quizzing, and I'm getting more involved with the music in the YA group (sorry folks; that means more of me singing). Actually, I'm going to be learning guitar!! We've got a piano player and a bassist; if I can learn guitar and become decent enough to play, then we will almost have an entire Praise band. Maybe we can score a drummer, and have really cool praise services in YA group. That could just be a dream....

But life is just good. Heidi and I spent last Saturday evening with my brother and his wife, eating dinner and playing games. They came over at 6 pm and didn't leave until 2 am - eight hours of games!! It was so much fun. This weekend, some other friends are coming over for chili boats and more games. I love this kind of stuff - its what married life is supposed to be.

I love my life. I love what is happening. I love where we are going. And I'm just happy.