The Wedding/Honeymoon Blog

Relax, it's all very "G" rated.

We are married, the wedding was wonderful, and the honeymoon was terrific. It was relaxing, and fun, and nice to get to spend the time, just her and I, getting used to being married. We journaled every day, so I will be typing the days' entries into blogs with their respective names.

I love being married - I love having my best friend around all the time, and having someone to talk to at night and first thing in the morning without having to listen to a phone ringing or playing phone tag. It's great to be able to stand together at church and worship together, or to have friends over to OUR home for dinner or games or Bible study.

We received a couple's devotional book as a wedding gift from one of my groomsmen, and we've been reading it together every night. We both love it, and as we discussed the talking points at the end of each selection, many nights we've each had tears in our eyes. On Tuesdays, we have started a Bible study with a new couple from church, and after talking tonight, they are going to be bringing some friends and family with them as we go through the basics of biblical doctrine. I'm so excited about my life with my wife, my helper, and my best friend. I thank God for sending her into my life.